Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can't wait to see you again

Yesterday was raining like mad! The thunders and lightnings were really terrifying! I even felt a slight *very slight* static shock when I was walking to "Egypt", holding my umbrella. Scary. However, after the huge storm has passed, where all the clouds were slowly floats away, a beautiful sunset awaits.

What do I think about the simple scenery?

I think that in every storm, there will be times that are unbearable, scary and even times where you are on the verge of giving up. However. there is always something better waiting for you after the storm. So it is a reminder to me to always look ahead and not constantly bothered about my own environment and condition. Yosh... now that I am refreshed, I better get back to my assignments.

Oh ya, today is the day for the Earth Hour event. For those people who always leave their laptops or computers on overnight or a few days in a row for movie downloading, this is a good chance to redeem yourself by doing a part in saving electricity. Turning off the lights/ electricity for 60 minutes. Not too hard, right? Or is it? We'll see after tonight.


  1. Great sunset shots. what camera u used?

  2. Thanks :)
    SONY Cybershot Digital Camera DSC-T10. Apparently they say DSLR is way better when it comes to picture quality