Saturday, March 14, 2009

"BEE-utiful" Morning

Finally, something unusual to blog about! Well... it is not something to be proud of anyway...

For the past two days, we (the sisters and I) had noticed that there were a lot of big flies flying around our mail box especially in the afternoon. So we thought that maybe something had died there and we decided to leave it as it is. We had our own things to worry about. So yesterday, two sisters came by our place to visit us and they told us t
hose things flying around the letter box are not flies but actually BEES!!!! Obviously we were really shocked when we heard that because they don't look like bees! Bees are supposed to be yellow in colour with black stripes at the tip. To us, these bees looked like flies but only bigger in size! This morning, with care and caution, we approached the mail box slowly... and we used a long rod to open the flap of the mailbox and we found...

A HUMONGOUS BEEHIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoom In with flash...

I freaked out immediately! My goodness! It was HUGE!!!!!
For now, we had covered the mouth of the mailbox to prevent the bees from coming out of there. Now, we are just waiting for a brother to come and do the work of an exterminator. None of us dare to do it... Just by looking at it gives me the shivers...


  1. WOW, is it "clear-ed" now?
    should call bomba to do the job.

  2. LOL.. cleared d! Didn't call bomba ler... A church brother came and help us! Very *wei da*!