Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Long Forgotten Post

I just realized I have forgotten to publish this post!!! Although this is wayyy overdue, I am just gonna post it anyway.


Today is the Chinese 牛 Year eve!

We, the Chinese, would all be doing the same thing on this day. Last minute shopping! We woke up early in the morning to join the crowd in all the wet markets, most of them, across Penang! Just look at the ducks and chicken, they are RED!!!! Though there were plenty of people around, a lot of the stalls were closed for the day. Everyone is busy preparing for the reunion dinner.


I haven't done any food reviewing in quite a while... so here goes. The place is situated in Gurney Plaza, New Wing, directly besides Sakae Sushi.

It is called 眩升. It is the same branch located in Tanjung Tokong but that particular branch is specifically for steamboat. This one is just another typical Chinese restaurant.

Presentation-wise... is just so-so. Nothing special. However, with their price, a whole lot of improvement can be done!!

杨州香炒饭 海鲜炒生面 牛肉炒生面

As you can see, it doesn't look very yummy at all! We ordered a total of 4 dishes. Among the four, what I like is the 杨州香炒饭 and 家乡豆腐. Seriously, the fried rice is very moist and tasty. With char siew pieces and prawns, it was fried with enough oil, making it a very good dish. And for the tou fu, what did they do was they fried the mince beef together with thinly chopped salted fish and placed them over the steamed tou fu. Very very salty but nice. You should definitely try these two.

As for the other two, they are not very unique in the sense that the both noodles were poured over with the same gravy. Making their taste... basically the same. Although it was with different ingredients, they taste the same. Very boring.


NOW this is totally unexpected!

"Girl, this is the doctor who delivered you."

The other day, I bumped into the doctor who delivered me from my mother's womb into this world!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Whether I end up normal, alive, dead or just plain weird, was all in her hands for those critical times....!!!??!?! I don't know, it is just weird to meet that person. She is very thin but healthy-looking. I was in disbelief for a short while while my brain is slowly registering this newly discovered fact. After all my funny emotions began to settle down, my parents started telling me "the situations" that occured during my birth. It was really surprising to know this tiny detail. I was amazed and astounded why my parents never told me about it. Haha... maybe you all should dig out the tiny details about the process of your births, I am pretty sure you'll find something interesting and funny about it. =P

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