Friday, January 23, 2009

I should not be here... blogging about my day

I should be studying or writing my article right now... obviously I'm not or else I wouldn't be here writing this post. I finally got a good comment from my brother. Oh.. wait let me rewind a bit and tell you the details...

As I had said before, I am preparing for an admission test which is consists of 4 parts - 3 parts are all MCQs and 1 part is essay writing. I asked my eldest brother to help me out with my essays because the suggested topics are related to law, politics, education... basically general knowledge. By the way, I DON'T HAVE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE!!! The only reason why I flipped through the newspaper is because of the entertainment section and the comic section. In other words, I hardly read newspapers. AT ALL. So you can see... I am totally screwed for this test. Shoo Shoo!! Shoo the negativity away!

I practiced writing two essays to my brother and his verdict was... in his exact words...

"Your english is really poor!"
...there are much too many mistakes here for someone with your level of education."
I was like... DAMN. I trust my brother. He made my essay looked like a primary schooler quality. To think I have been deceived by some many people, saying that my english is good... Obviously you haven't met my brother.

"...your essay lacks an element of maturity."
Double the blow! I'm already in my early twenties and yet still I'm not considered as someone mature... sad...

"You need to plan out your essay." (paraphrased)
Sigh... that's my weak point. I always write whatever that comes to mind without really thinking about whether do I make sense or not. Just like right now. Not thinking much and just writing.

For my defence, I wrote each essay under the allocated 30 minutes. Actually it is just an excuse to make me feel less inferior anyway.

SO... today I rewrote one of the essays and took I don't know about 2 hours to complete it. I got a reply from my brother also 2 hours later and guess what he said?

"The tone of this essay is certainly better than the previous two that you've written so far..."
YES!!! I know I know, I get overhappy over little things like this! At least I could say I did my best. Downside is... I am still making grammatical mistakes and the time I used to write the essay was too long. I am glad he noticed that I am making the effort.

Back to the present, I should be working hard on my next essay and article for submission. However, every time I get a praise or a good commnet by someone, I slack.... I slack a whole lot. Just like right now, watching Singaporean's videos and reading XiaXue's blog. Tsk Tsk... Yupe I am definitely screwed if I don't buck up. I just don't get it why I can get so happy over little things like this??? That is something I will never know or don't bother to find out.

I better get back to work then... Maybe....

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