Thursday, December 11, 2008

Four Weeks++

Well... I'll be! This is the fifth week already since I last came home with my Mum and bro. Ok, recap... umm...... eh...... what the hell have I been doing these past few weeks?!?!?!? For your information, the past few weeks were spent rather eventful, I would say.

Week One:
Spent a lot of quality time with my second eldest brother where our daily activities consisted of arguing, explanations, shouting, messing around, getting on my mother's nerves and shopping. You gotta feel the loooveeee...~ This was taken the very first morning we got back from Subang together. The blurry effect was because....I just woke up at that time =S


This was taken before he left to Aussie.

Week Two:
The two of us went to shop a present for our Mum. If you knew our Mum, you know it is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT task. She has a particular taste and is sooooo picky. Thankfully, we went through all the trouble and SHE LOVES IT!!!! We were in awe but we were relief that she ACTUALLY LOVES it!

Of course, when you are in the Pearl of the Orient, good food is never too far away.

Seafood Pizza


Authentic Italian Appetizers



Drool, people, drool...~!!

Oh we also celebrated our grandmother's birthday! She is 86 and still going STRONG!!

Week Three:
Sent my brother off to the airport. Saw that Nando's is FINALLY closed down and replaced with McD's!!! I am never a fan of Nando's, I just don't like the food there. I am so glad that McDonald's is in the airport!!! It's about TIME!

Then, my Mum and I went to help out Dad with his work. Saw some pretty interesting cases. A lot of people getting accidents these days. They just came in, bleeding here and there. It was scary to look at in the beginning but after a while, you'll get used to it. Then there is a particular case where an elderly woman had an infection at her feet and she is also diabetic. However, she was ignorant about the condition and obviously it gotten so bad to the stage that she had feet gangrene. It was absolutely disgusting and odorous BUT very interesting. Why do I say that? It is because when my dad literally cut a hole at her feet to drain out the pus (A LOT) and blood, she felt no pain at all. She didn't scream nor budged. She just sat there and let procedure take place. Pretty amazing :P I was not able to take the pictures because it was gross and I don't want the camera to be stained with pus.

Week Four and Five:
Met up with my best friends during the night as I was working during the daytime. It's always the three of us. The funny thing is that, we are absolutely nothing alike and yet we can be truthful and real to each other about our lives, families and the things that we are dealing with.
From left: Soo Zhen, Sin Ling, Mei How

Ohhh... I finally cut my hair. Can't stand it for having it too long. And now, have to start packing for one-week VACATION!!! Can't wait. Fill you in soon. Toodles!

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