Thursday, November 20, 2008


For the past several days, I have been spending my days going out with my mother and brother. Our activities were usually are SHOPPING and EATING. Yes, only these two - always back and forth. Days were pretty typical, that is until.... I saw THIS!

Cupido: Courtesy from DOOODOLLS @

It is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! These are called dooodolls! They come in 12 different creatures according to the Zodiac Star Sign. And the above, so it happens to be for PISCES which is my Sign!! Hahahaha... destiny! I really adore the FLOPPY BABY version! So...

TA DAH! SO SO CUTE! It cost RM24.90 but I was unable to resist!

It's description says, "A hopeless romantic who views the world with rose-tinted glasses, Cupido's mission in life is to spread the word of love to the world. He can even make two persons fall in love with each other instantly, all with a single beat of his red heart. Consider yourself warned!" AWWW... So sweet! Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. LOL!

Print Screen version: Courtesy from DOOODOLLS @

I would love to buy more but that will cost a fortune! Sad.... Oh well, among all the 12, I like
Orange Butch ,
Mr. Nerdie
and Charco !
Maybe when I earn some money then I will buy...~!

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