Friday, November 21, 2008

Cracking my head to all possibilities

It's been one week plus since I left my second home in Subang, back to the Land of Temptations. Ever since I got back, plenty have been going through my mind - mainly, I was thinking about how should I spend my 3 LONG MONTHS of holiday! Yes, yes... I know. It is EXTREMELY LONG! Let me tell you a short story how a girl's dream was shattered in one day...


It was during a normal dinner, just within the family. You know, family dinners, the conversations can vary from politics to history, gossips to family members, behaviors to possibilities - you get the idea. So, for just a short moment, the parents of this naive girl jokingly said that she could go to JAPAN to find her brother. Never in her right mind would she think that it was even a possibility as her parents were extremely overprotective over her. This thought was implanted into her brain, and she started to think, "Why NOT?" So the next day, she called up her eldest brother in JAPAN and told him about it. He doesn't mind at all! This response really hyped up this girl - her entire being was filled with EXCITEMENT and CHILLS! Going to JAPAN for a month was really a HUMONGOUS thing for her! She was filled with joy and hope when she slept that night.

HOWEVER, it all shattered into pieces when her eldest brother was FINALLY able to make it to her other brother's convocation (in the beginning he said he couldn't find a reasonable fare). In other words, NO JAPAN because my eldest brother had took up his leave for this convocation. Of course, in-dubiously, she was SUPER bummed but her POSITIVITY nature starts to kick in. The bright side was she could go to JAPAN after she finished all her course, which is just another six months if everything goes well. It is a possibility after all. =D so for now, DREAM TO GO TO JAPAN - POSTPONED


Anyway, I am back to where I started - what to do during the holidays???? A job would be nice but it has to be part time though due to some personal reasons. At least I could earn some cash for my phone - been using a bit too much. So what part time jobs can I do from Jan to mid-Feb....
=> Promoter
=> Online jobs (writer)
=> Sales
=> Lab (have to ask my previous supervisor though)
=> Waitress
Any vacancy people? I have applied for some but have yet gotten a reply. Do you guys got any other suggestions or recommendations?? HELP ME~!

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