Friday, September 12, 2008

Taking the Time to Write

First post in September - yes I know that it is kinda late and it is already the middle of the month. Well, first thing first, finals are in one month's time. Till now, it is still a shock to me - I'm wondering where has all the time have gone? Did I waste that much time? Though exams are still a month away, I still have A LOT to do, such as.....
1. Final Immunology Report (FULL)
2. MBB Report
3. Final Medical Microbiology Report (FULL)
4. Medical Microbiology Poster Presentation
5. Immunology Mid-Term Test
6. Medical Microbiology Mid-Term Test
7. Immunology Presentation
8. MBB Assignment 2

BWAHHH... I really really want to cry!!!!

Why?!!?!? WHY MUST they put everything in the end of the semester when we are all suppose to study!!!!?!?!? ISH!!?!?!?!?!?

Oh.. now I'm currently managing two blogs!
One is my own personal blog:
and the other blog is together with other sisters: Sisters-In-Christ
This particular blog is to mainly for sisters to share their experiences of the Lord and in the church life. It is still in under trial... that's why this blog is can only be viewed by invitation. When it is official, I shall let you all know =P

These few days, I have gotten a bit homesick, so I have decided to go back to Penang for a few days during the mid-term break. It won't be exactly a break at all as it is the time for us to catch up with all our studies for the upcoming finals....!!! Anyway, I gotta run! Will write more next time.... soon I hope... Toodles!

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