Friday, July 18, 2008


Trust… Is it that hard to trust someone? Is it hard to believe in someone? No, it’s not difficult at all… It is so much easier to believe others than believing in your own self. They say it is because that you don’t have faith in yourself, that’s why people are doubtful of your capabilities. Then how much longer must one prove that he/she can be trusted? It is just plain irritating and discouraging at the same time when they are right in the end… It just lowers one’s self esteem… or is it just because of pride? Unwilling to admit defeat and proving the other is wrong… are all just self-pride, aren’t they? Sigh… emotionally it seems so complicated, clueless about how to deal with it.

Thankfully, at least I know now that when others do not have faith in you or your capabilities, do not trust in your capabilities to do a certain thing, no matter how hurt and useless you may feel, there will ALWAYS be ONE Person believing in you no matter how untrustworthy, irresponsible or despicable you are in person.

“Oh Lord Jesus, thank You Lord,

For having such a mercy on Your slave,

Thank You for loving me the way that I am,

Believing in me for the things that I thought that I could handle or couldn’t handle,

Lord, I am willing, willing to let Christ make home in my heart,

Lord, I want to live under Your light.

Lord, continue to expose me more and more in my daily living,

Turn me to You whenever and whatever,

May I become a useful vessel to You, Lord Jesus.

Cause me to believe You when my faith is small,

Cause me to trust You when my strength is frail,

Cause me to love You more and more,

To know You better. Amen”

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