Sunday, July 20, 2008

To Grandpa....

I always like to call him "grandpa" whenever I see him...
I even promised him that I would tell him the real reason why I called him that when we graduate next year...

He is stubborn like a little kid when we argue.

He would swear and cursed whenever he is pissed... even though he tried his best to control himself.

He would often called up and we would just talk nonsense, purely because he was bored or in a bad mood.

He would ALWAYS talk about FOOD.... his conversations about food were endless....

He gave me something odd on my birthday even though he didn't know it was my birthday that day.

His favourite phrases when talking to me were, "Don't fall down, ok?" and "You are beginning to trust my judgments now, aren't you?"

He would bring me to his favourite places to eat.

He would give me a ride home from school whenever he is on the way.

.......I have known the guy for just only six months! Just six months! Yet... He was a good friend to me....

These days, I kept thinking back about what he had said before.

He told me, "When everyone gets back from their holidays, I am going to have a party and I am going to cook for you guys."

"Maybe the first weekend of the new semester, we can go camping!"

"Next time, I will bring you to this nice place, the food there is awesome!"


...........Nick, if I ever seen you again, the first thing I would say to you is this....

"YOU MORON!" and I'm going to punch you in the stomach really hard.

I miss you, Grandpa....

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