Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be

It's been five weeks since I last strummed my guitar... It's been so quiet lately, I guess I missed the sound of music playing in the house.

This is officially the third week of classes and I am still in sloth mode. Gosh, I just do not have the will to concentrate on my studies. I mean, I excused myself for the first two weeks when the semester started, but this is the THIRD WEEK already, I better stopped being so ignorant. It's Monday and I went for the lectures.... -.-lll I am completely clueless about what the lecturers were trying to deliver. Moreover, I have a lab report due this Wednesday and I am still far from close to finishing it. Somehow it just 14 days I went back to my old habits... Sigh...

Definitely NOT a good sign....

On the side note, life goes on... I suppose it's true but somehow to me, it does seem cruel at times. On the other hand, life needs to go on to mend all the broken dreams and let the new ones shine.

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