Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life is Full of Meaning when He is here

Lately I attended my church conferences where they spoke concerning "Experiencing and Enjoying Christ to Abound in the Work of Christ According to His Full Ministry of Three Stages - Incarnation, Inclusion and Intensification". Incarnation is the first stage which is the stage of Christ as a man in the flesh; the work of the ministry in this stage produces redeemed people. The second stage is the stage of His inclusion - the stage of Christ as the life-giving spirit; the work of the ministry in this stage produced the church and produces the local churches. Intensification is the third stage of Christ as the sevenfold intensified Spirit; the work of the ministry in this stage is to produce overcomers as today's Zion.

Though there are some which I still do not understand, I will share what I enjoyed throughout the conferences. I treasured that we, the fallen man/sinners, are redeemed by precious blood of Jesus Christ. It means that there is a change in ownership. We do not belong to ourselves anymore, neither we belong to Satan, the devil but we belong to God! God has bought us with His precious blood. I was reminded again because this is the fact that draws me to believe in the Lord in the first place. I was young when I heard that the Lord Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to cleanse all our sins. At that time, I found the Lord Jesus to be so... merciful to save sinners of this world. Now I am shown further that the Lord has redeemed us so that we may receive the greatest blessing, which is the Triune God (the Father, the Son and the Spirit) as the Life-giving Spirit dwelling in us for our enjoyment! Oh, I really need to be reminded again and again about this.

You know, especially after examinations, I have been feeling a bit lost in the sense that, I don't what to do. I wake up in the morning and started to think, "OK, what am I going to do today?"I have been so busy preparing for my examinations and now that it is over, now what? It just really show me that whatever our goals or responsibilities we have in life, is really just temporary. Once it is accomplished or done, more aims and new objectives will be made to keep us going on with our life. So I just realized that, for me, my manner of life is very vain. However, I am so glad that I am able to enjoy God with the brothers and sisters through the Lord's word everyday, through this nourishing supply, I am able to be saved from my vain manner of life bit by bit. I don't know what the Lord has in stores for me but I know that as long as I turn to Him and repent, He will save me from being spiritually dead, anxiety and my vain manner of life. That is what I enjoyed throughout the conference. Good night everyone.

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