Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Lair Awaits

Hibiscus blooming, Salmon fish and prawns on the table, first day covers stacking up for me to sort, a pile of clothes waiting for me to iron... Yupe... I am definitely home!

Whenever I reached Sungai Nibong and got out of the bus, my Mum will always, I do mean ALWAYS, say these two things, "Girl, you gained/lost weight" and "Girl, you need a haircut!"I guess that one of the little things I love about my Mum, so predictable at times. Hehe... She hasn't changed at all. =P

Dad wasn't home yet when I got back as he was out for his usual run. I can't believe that when he got back, all sweating and dripping wet, I went to hug him! Yes, it was sticky and wet... but Dad is Dad, he did lose some weight though...

Anyway, this post will be short, but here are some pictures of our dinner at TGI's Fridays yesterday with some friends to celebrate the end of examinations =) Food was awesome! Accompanied by a group of wacky and hilarious group of friends~!

Since I am a "dessertarian" (Is it a word?), I shall put the desserts first! *Slurp*

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Malt Cake

The Main Course (don't remember most of the names =P)

The Appetizers

The Wacky People

Outside TGI's Fridays

Grandpa Nick only smiles when there is alcohol in his hand~!

Yeap! We definitely having fun!

The entire group
(Yes being the devil that I am, I have two tiny horns on the back of my head!)

I have never seen Dennis (far right) this animated before!
From left - Da Yi, Peter and Dennis

What a lovely couple - Hamdi and Joshua

On the steps of TGI's

Hong Yong (hopefully I spelled it correctly) wants all the attention! LOL!

Pinky/Uncle Max/Maxine/Bumblebee/Frosty and the list goes on, seems to be blown away by a sense of wrath.....

All pictures are taken by this sweet girl, Hui Xuan~!

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