Tuesday, April 01, 2008

PUNK'D on April Fool's Day

I really thought that it was going to be a peaceful April Fool's Day - no practical jokes and no hoax. I kinda thought we were all mature enough to see past these little "joys" in life. But I did ended up getting PUNK'D at the end of the day.

My friend Hui Wearn aka Mummy, had an eye infection in her right eye and there was inflamed. It looks pretty bad and she told me she was going to the clinic near Sunway Pyramid. Here's a brief overview of the entire conversation during MSN that fateful night.

KimberlyMay: Hey, how's your eye?
HuiWearn: Not good. She found a pus. She told me to go and see an eye specialist ASAP.
KimberlyMay: Hah... that bad ah?
HuiWearn: Yalor... delay too long d.... She told me have see a specialist soon or else I might lose my eye.
KimberlyMay: Hah... then, when are you going?
Hui Wearn: Not going le, no time. See how, I'll try to rearrange.
KimberlyMay: Hah... but the doctor said it's serious wor~ and you are saying no time?
Hui Wearn: Don't worry. She told me at the end, HAPPY APRIL FOOL!
KimberlyMay: .......................... crap.

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