Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Other Side of Me

For quite some time, I have kinda forgotten an enormous part of my life. It would still remained forgotten if I had not stumbled to a blog of a very very old friend of mine. Seeing the pictures... they really changed a lot. Awkwardness, is how I feel, especially to be placed in a situation like this. Still, I am fully aware that it is not my portion and also it's not within my capabilities to fix the ugly side of man's deeds. What's done is done and he is unwilling to forgive. It is a shame though, to lose out such a huge part of your life. I can't fully understand it but I knew he did what he could only do. Oh well... I am glad that they are all still healthy and well. May the Lord bless him and them in every way. That's all I'll blog for today.. toodles~

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