Sunday, January 06, 2008

Typical Entry

DAMN.. not again! My jeans felt tighter when I put them on this morning! Crap! Why is my will power so so weak??? Looks like I need to diet again. Hmph... I often told myself that I need to be happy with who I am and live life to the fullest but every time I gained weight, I would dread and force myself to go on a diet. Sigh... I don't get it, why people are so worried about their weight? Is it due to the health issues? Well, I personally don't think that the only reason we do it is because we have nothing else better to do - that is just plain idiotic. Oh why do I bothered thinking about it anyway? Looks like no sweets and candy for me these days. Anyway, now for the updates...

Recently, I bought a guitar and I'm LOVING IT! The owner of the guitar shop told me that Höfner is the brand that was used by the legendary group of all time, The Beatles. I didn't really care as I am not a fan. As a beginner, I do not know much about guitars but I do prefer Höfner over YAMAHA as the sound quality is brighter and clearer. Next time I shall take a picture of my babe and upload it here, okies? *wink*

Oh! Tower Records was holding a storewide 20% sale for all the CDs sold there during Christmas and New Year's Day. And guess what I bought for only RM36.72? BACKSTREET BOYS latest album! Unbreakable is definitely better than the previous album Never Gone as I thought that the last album was kinda slow, too many ballads. Unbreakable is definitely louder and plenty of weird combination made by various music instruments but it does have a nice beat to it. I was just a bit disappointed that Max Martin did not contribute his works in this album. He wrote a lot of songs for the BSB in previous albums which I really adore. Having said that, I still like this album, it shows BSB can also do rock music as well.

As for my industrial training, I am only left with three and a half weeks unto completion. I don't know how it happen but time just flew by. When I first started, I was worried that I need to work for two whole months which at that time seem pretty long. Now, one month has already passed. I met some pretty nice people over there and I hope I would use the time that I have left to treasure this experience. Here are some pictures of my colleagues. Will post more after I take some more pictures before I leave there for good.

Venetia is my coursemate who is taking this training. The furthest right is Kak Mas - my private nickname for her is MasManis because she will always greet us with a very sweet smile.

Miss Khor - I would have to say she is the Early Bird of the bunch. Whenever I reached my workplace in the morning, she will be the first person I see!

This is Abang Loh. He is the youngest person working in the lab (excluding us, trainees). He is the workaholic, always working OT and on-call. And oh, he likes to kacau girls especially Kak Mas :D

There is still others but I haven't taken any photos with them yet. Hopefully will do it soon. That's all for today, I need to crash or else I will be late for work tomorrow. Au revoir~!

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