Monday, January 07, 2008

Angel's Gifts

I came home from work, tired and weary, fell down on the floor and rested for a moment before I gained enough strength to stand. I have no idea why I was the way that way but I could felt the strain in my arms. Basically, I was just exhausted. Then my Mum started telling her story... I was listening and waited for her to get to the main point... and she finally said, "therefore, you have a little present waiting on your bed." I have no idea why, but the word "present" does lift up my spirit. Thus as I walked up to my bedroom, I saw this....

It is the same mug with different languages front and back. Sweet, isn't it? I really like it a lot. :D And there was then I saw another present laying beside it. It was a small hymn book! It is given by a young angel. Thoughtful, isn't it? Who would have thought that a little kid can even take care of a big sister? This certainly brightens up my day :D

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