Thursday, January 31, 2008

It Is D-DAY!

Today is the last day of my internship! Finally! Last day to punch my card!!
I don't know why but I did felt a bit sad that I have to leave. However that feeling only stand for about 20% while the other 80% is really excited to finally have the relaxation that I have been longing for. Hehehe....

Since it was the end of our training, we decided to have an early dinner with some of our colleagues after work. We went to Chef & Brew which situated at Crystal Point. During our journey, Kak Mas turn on her car radio and it started playing M2M songs! I really miss that duo! Being vain that we are, we started camwhoring in the car! I blame it on Venetia! Her vainness has affect me and Hui Wearn!

Since it was only 5:30pm, the place was practically deserted. The food quality there was just mediocre, I wouldn't go there again if I had the choice. Food wasn't much of importance. The most important thing is that we got together to have a small farewell. I will definitely miss the nice people that I have met at work! Wish you all the very best and Happy Chinese New Year

Will update more pictures after I get them from Vene!

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