Sunday, December 30, 2007

Running Away from Destiny

Saw a news report in the newspaper today about a man was hit by a motorcyclist and unfortunately he could not be saved. Since Penang is a very small island, word gets around pretty fast. According to what I have heard, this man was afraid of cars - I do not mean he has a phobia whenever a car is present, but he is afraid of car accidents that might happen to him or his family. So he never got his driving license because he never went to one and he does not allow his family to learn how to drive. Everywhere he went, he either took a cab or a bus. The ironic thing is that, what he was afraid of in the beginning and what he was trying to avoid, he still couldn't run away from his fate. It is a rather depressing situation.

It did, however, showed me one thing and that is to get over myself. What do I mean by that? What I am trying to express here is that there is a thousand things in the world that I could be afraid of, if I do not get over this fear, it is going to hold me back. My brother always said that I like to find excuses and put the blame on others but myself. Well... I hate to admit it but it is true. I guess by putting the blame on others makes one feel that he or she is in a way, good or better than anyone else and that you are not in the wrong. Nobody likes to be wrong. Nobody. But being scared to be in a guilty position, doesn't mean that I can get away with it by blaming others. I think I finally get it now. I've been so negative with the things around me and I have never bothered about my own weaknesses. Without dealing with any of it, I will still remain in my own circle, in a similar sense like the man I mentioned earlier. Whatever that you cannot overcome, that whatever will always be there and will continue to haunt you throughout your life. It is rather frightening, isn't it? I do hope I won't end up like this and I hope I will learn....

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