Monday, November 26, 2007

The Lair Awaits

I have been home for almost four days and here is the list of things that I have done.

1. Helped my dad out at work.
2. Celebrated my Mum's birthday
3. Visited my grandmother - she felt and broke her pelvis but she is all better now.
4. Got a haircut
5. Had dinner at a new restaurant - the salmon was superb!
6. I was baptized :) finally I had received my Father's approval.
7. Watched House MD on YouTube - Season Four Episode One to Seven.
8. Met my high school friend (and her adorable daughter!)
9. Registered myself to Facebook
10. And now updating my blog that has been desolated for the past few days....

Still have plenty more to do before I start my industrial training at the 1st December for two whole months. Such as....

1. Celebrate my grandmother's birthday
2. Practice my driving and know the way to work
3. Help Mum in clothes hunting
4. Results coming out soon... dread...
5. Meet up with another of my high school friend
and etc.

In short, I'm HOME!

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