Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taiping Trip Part 2

The continuation from the previous post....

We then went to the Taiping Zoo. It's been quite a while since I last went to the zoo when I was really young. Saw a lot of animals but was kinda disappointed that I didn't get the chance to see other animals in action such as African Lions, Tigers, Leopard, basically the big cats family. Either they were sleeping or absent. I just wished that they would be more lively a little. Maybe they spent too much time being caged in and it is making them miserable. Sigh... now I feel a bit sorry for them. Here are some pictures of the animals that we saw that day.

After a long stroll in the zoo under the hot sun, we were brought to visit the Taiping Lake. Again, I do not know what is the right name to call it, we had the opportunity to sit in a swan-like boat that requires us to pedal with our feet in order to move on the lake. It may sound a bit childish but it was really fun! Some of the other sisters, they sat on "sampan (small boats)" and they had to row. It was a funny sight as they rowed the boat the wrong way and the boat moved backwards! Though it was only a half an hour on the lake, it was definitely an experience won't be forgotten. I had so much fun in Taiping!

Oh... On Sunday, after our weekly church meeting with the saints, most of the brothers and sisters went back to Subang. As for me, I waited for my mum and godmother to come and fetch me back to Penang. As food lovers, it is typical for us to buy some local food back to Penang! I am going to be fat this break.... believe me... I will be!

Taiping's famous - "Mi Ku", "Heong Pem" and etc...

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