Monday, September 24, 2007

Taiping Trip Part 1

Hey all, long time no see. Did you miss me?

Anyway, I went to Taiping for the weekend to attend a Campus Blending held by my church members. We started our journey at 6:40pm last Friday. I was told that we would reach our destination in about four hours. "Excellent!" I thought to myself as I didn't get much sleep the day before. The usual reason, assignments. Throughout the whole ride, I was pretty much deep in Dreamland. When we reached the local church in Taiping, it was already ten something. We were assembled and an announcement was made. We were tired and sleepy, to hear the serving ones say "Wake up at 6:30am tomorrow!" does makes you appreciate sleep even more.

The next morning, after breakfast, we had fellowship with one of the leading brothers. He spoke to us concerning our attitude towards the pursuing of the Word of God. He gave a really good example. He asked us, "why you as students are able to spend so much time on your studies that you would stay up late to finish the assignments and yet when pursuing the Bible, you won't do that?" The answer to that the conditions of ones heart is not right. I was really much exposed as the day earlier, I did stayed up really late to finish my assignment. No matter what I HAVE to do or WANT to do, the right attitude is really important. I was reminded again that not only I have to do well in my studies, but I can't neglect my pursue towards the Lord.

We went to have lunch after the fellowship. The food in Taiping is extremely cheap! Then, we went to see Mother Nature. It was quite a long ride but the scenery of the forest was really beautiful. It's nice to go to a place without any high rise buildings and traffic, it is just so peaceful.

After getting a short feel of Mother Nature, we went to a place that I never knew exist! Charcoal production site! Well not exactly the ideal place to visit but hey, it turns out to be pretty educational and cool. Oh... on the downside, it smells a bit but it is bearable. Apparently, as it turns out, there are only two people left in the entire Malaysia who know how to build small houses made of yellow mud to produce charcoal at high temperature. To be honest, I don't know what is the correct term to call it but it looks like this.

Once the heat inside the 'desert-version form of igloo' reaches 80 degrees Celsius, the hole in the middle will be closed so that the chopped woods will keep burning in an enclosed area until it reaches 200 degrees Celsius. To achieve that, an approximation of ten days is required. At such high temperature, the woods are "steamed" to become charcoal, not burn. After ten days or so, the covered hole will be broken, big enough for a person to get in to obtain the charcoals produced. Lucky for us, there was one which is already broken, we went in one by one to explore and took some pictures as well. The temperature in the"igloo" is about 40 degrees Celsuis! It was like a sauna inside but it felt extremely amazing! I don't have the pictures with me now. Once I have them, I shall upload them :P Outside, there were mountains piled with charcoal!

The next stop was the Taiping Zoo which I will write more in the next post. That's it for today folks! Enjoy your day!

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