Saturday, September 01, 2007

50th Independance Day

It was MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! Normally, most people would celebrate this special occasion by going to shopping malls, back to hometowns to get together with loved ones or chill out at home, however, I spent the day entirely differently. I went to video training held by my church on the Epistles of John's messages. It started from 9:30am till 3.oopm because there were two sessions. It was enlightening and enjoyable in the sense that I did learned a lot about myself and how much I lack in certain things that I would not mentioned here. Personal stuff, you know. When I got back from the video training, the first thing I did was jumped on my bed and slept for three whole hours when I just planned to sleep for half an hour!!!!! I had no idea that I was this tired! When I woke up, I walked down the stairs and I saw......


I mean I knew we were having a Love Feast for some of our gospel friends and sisters who were just newly saved so that we may know them even better, I didn't know we were going to have steamboat! I thought we were going to cook a few dishes as we would usually do. Well, I can't complain! It was really good! Moreover, we get to meet up with some sisters who study in MMU, Lynette and Doreen. Lynette is an excellent guitar player while I just met Doreen for the second time... I think... So I don't really know her that well yet. Too bad Siaw Yin couldn't make it, she would really like to blend with the sisters. Anyway, since I was in Dreamland just now and I didn't help out with the preparation for dinner, I decided to play my part in washing the dishes after dinner... It was an interesting day really as I thought that it was going to be an ordinary day like any other. I guess unpredictable things will happen when you least expected it.

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