Saturday, September 15, 2007

Habits die hard

I just thought of something about me today. Not exactly a thing but a habit in specific. I come into a realization that whenever I start any personal projects, they always end up incomplete. For instance, I wanted to make a door hanger for my door that says "DND" or "I'm busy", I had even bought the materials and gotten an old door hanger for reference. Something else came in distracted me, I never really get the chance to complete it. I can see that there is a layer of dust sitting on the materials. There are times when I was free but I am not as keen as I used to be about it. Then, there is my high school photo album project. During high school, I thought to myself that I am going to take lots and lots of pictures with my friends and decorate them into my personalized photo album. Since Form 5 was the last year of high school, we took a whole lot of pictures. Trust me, I have one box filled with pictures. Also I had my closest friends to write down their contacts and some testimonials on coloured papers for my photo album. I have everything prepared, all I have to do is to start doing it. Yeah... you have guessed it by now, I haven't laid hands on it for almost four years already!!! From all these past experiences, does give me a hint that I will do this again, so I must be on the alert not to let anything to go waste. There is actually a reason for me to write this crap, is because I have absolutely no mood to do my report that is due on Monday... This is so typical of me....

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