Friday, August 24, 2007

Music of the Night

Finally finished the article... but I do not think that I gave it with my all. That is always the thing about me, always leaving it to the very last minute. A bad habit of mine, I know. After so long, I finally get the chance to practice playing the guitar. My friend gave me the chords for Eric Clapton's Tears of Heaven. Strumming the guitar did made the song a bit rough. If I knew how to 'pluck' (I think that's how you called it) the strings, it would have sounded so much better. That mellow and sad music did suit my feelings at that time. I guess I was lost for a while back then, maybe I'm still am, but I kept telling myself I gotta get over it and face the new obstacles that is before me. No more playing games. My challenge for this weekend is to finish off my Cellular Metabolism report, which is about twenty four pages, tops. Six pages down and eighteen more to go....

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