Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MSN brings us closer

"GOSH it's so cold in here!" I have never stayed in a library to do anything for more than 2 hours and now I am getting goosebumps all over my hands. Actually I have some assignments due next week which I could start to do, I took a break to chat with my out-of-touch friends through MSN. My darling Sin Ling has finished her final examinations and she is free from all the books, assignments and notes for THREE WHOLE WEEKS! I want to have a holiday too~! Unfortunately, it is not my time to relax yet. I have two tests next week and some assignments due. On addition to that, my mid-term is coming up as well. I need and MUST to maintain myself in a STUDY and WORK WORK WORK mode. Kevin, my primary schoolmate, who has plenty of problems, added another problem to his list, girlfriend. I was honestly shocked that he has a girlfriend already. Hmm.. I wonder is the girlfriend taller than him? *smiling mischievously* Now he had got me curious about his girlfriend... Cannot! *shaking the thought off* Must go back to work!

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