Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get Over Yourself, Girl

When I see people, I see them how they represent themselves. They may be cheerful, happy and friendly and outgoing from the outside, yet some of them are suffering from pain, loneliness and sadness. Sometimes I feel that I don't even know them at all. The depth of me understanding their condition is so shallow that it really shows me that I don't pay much attention to them as much as I should. With all the assignments and tests, I was just trapped in my balloon, in my own world where everything it's about me. I've been telling myself, "I gotta finish this", "I gotta study"... Hmph... what a great friend am I.... Balancing everything is really hard for me... To balance my study, play, friends, family and God, is undeniably hard. I know that nobody is perfect, but sometimes I just wish that I could manage my time better in everything that I do. Time is flying by really quickly and I don't want to waste these moments blindly... not at all...

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