Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coordination is a Beautiful Thing

Cooking time!

There is a gospel seminar at our church today and we, the sisters in the sisters' house 3, are preparing a dish for that event. We have thought about it for days and decided on something that we have never done before. I don't know what is the actual name for it but the concept is that after several types of food are cooked, they are cut into small cubes and they are poked through a stick to be served. Anyway, here a picture to show you guys what I mean.

Not bad for a first try, huh?

First we started off by deep frying the fish balls and boiled the sausages. While we were doing that, cucumbers and pineapple were chopped into tiny pieces. Then we pan fried the sausages a bit and started poking into a stick one by one. Is 'poking' the right term for this? I'm not too sure. If anyone of you know the correct term, please do let me know. :P

Of course, desserts must not be forgotten. One of the sisters bought chocolate cake, how I wish there would be vanilla ice cream to go with it.

*drools* Too bad I'm not going... darn that Cellular Metabolism report! HMPH!

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