Thursday, July 19, 2007

Penangnites are up and about!

On 18-07-07, I went out with my Penang buddies to One-Utama. At the beginning of the semester, we would get together at least once before the assignments and lectures starts pilling up. Right after lecture which concludes at 7pm, we immediately took off to One-Utama. As the typical Malaysians, there were traffic jams everywhere. We got to One-U at about 8 something which was considered quite fast. And as usual, we don't know what to eat. We will keep passing the ball till somebody comes up with something or suggestion that everyone can agree on. After discussing for more than 20 minutes, the final decision goes to Vietnam Restaurant.

I was a bit uncertain at first because I have never try Vietnamese food before and I was kind of worried that it will be too spicy for my taste buds. Once the nine of us sat down at the restaurant, we were browsing through the menu, the food there were pretty expensive. So all of heads turned to YZ and told him to lower his voice because he is without a doubt, notorious for speaking foul-language aloud. All of us started to tease him about the numerous times that he did it in public.

Food were definitely amazing - for some dishes only, of course.

Seafood Fried Mee - I tried a bit and it was tasty!

Chicken Chop with Rice and Egg - a little spicy but pretty delicious!

Vietnamese Chicken Curry Rice - 1, 2, 3! Drool.........

Parisan Grilled Chicken - YUM....!

All of them said that I am a camera freak! I took pictures of everyone when they are eating and accidentally caught some action :P Well I don't care! Click here for more pictures. We had a lot of fun just talking about crap and everything else under the sun!

As the night was still young, we went to Chili's for dessert! Serene recommended 'Hi and Mighty Pie' and there were nine of us, we ordered two. Three of us girls and Alex loved the pie however Kee Chaw and Theng Wee were complaining that it was too sweet! They really got no sweet tooth at all! It was really really good, the combination of vanilla ice cream, Heath candy, Oreo crumbs with chocolate and caramel sauce, it was just AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE it!

Hi and Mighty Pie - SWEET!

After enjoying an amazing meal (I absolutely adore FOOD) with great company, it was time to leave. I wish we could do this all the time, but that is kinda impossible.

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