Thursday, July 19, 2007

Helped A Bird and Killed a Lizard

16th July - Night

I were downstairs to grab a drink to quench my thirst when I saw my housemate, Ho Ching was holding something in her hand and she was smiling mischievously as if she wanted to scare me with some disgusting or gruesome bug or animal. Instead, it was a really REALLY ADORABLE bird! Apparently this hapless bird had flow into my housemate's room and fell into the floor of her bathroom. She adores animals and so she picked it up and started to pat it gently on its head and slowly stroking it. The bird was just sitting there on her palm and letting her touch, such a docile creature. I also get the opportunity to hold it too, it was really really cute! Then, Krystal (another housemate) said that we should name the little creature. She came up with the name PETPET. I don't know how she figure that out but we were pretty much astounded.

Finally, we decided it was time to let it go to the big bad world. Petpet was hooked to Ho Ching's finger and wouldn't let go. It was drizzling a bit. Maybe Petpet was a bit frightened. However, we wanted to get back to our own stuff, we sort of force it to let go. It took a while and it pooped on Ho Ching's finger before it took off! Gee... great way to show gratitude, but I guess we put a little too much pressure on it. This is the kind of thing you don't see everyday. :)

17th July - Night

I personally don't like any rodents or bugs or lizards or spiders. Tonight, I have the opportunity.. wait, cut that, I have the obligation to kill a lizard. I am not afraid of them as long as they stay away from me and that they don't drop from the ceiling. At home, mum will be the exterminator, killing all the cockroaches, lizards and other gross creatures that I can't think of right now at this moment. Here, I have no choice. So I rolled up several sheets of newspaper, and stood as far as the length of my "weapon". WHACK! miss it~ WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! damn! miss it again. After several blows, it was coming right at me and I was jumped and slammed down the newspaper at it even more. Finally, I got it. What a relief! I'm glad that's over.

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