Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brand New Bag

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Library books are due today and I can't assess my Monash Library website to renew them, which really sucks and I have to pay the fine on Monday. Sigh.... cleaned the whole house by sweeping and mopping the floors. I was thought to be a very typical day that is until my phone rang.....

My godmother (who is also my aunt) came down to KL for the weekend! Hmmm... the term 'godmother' does sound older compare to the word 'aunt'. Anyway, my aunt went to visit my cousin and her mum whom have just got back from China a few days ago. Along with them, we went to SAKAE SUSHI in Subang Parade for dinner. I was really "kou fu" (it means my mouth is blessed with food in Mandarin).

It was very interesting because it was my very first time to enter into a restaurant where we could place our orders with the built-in computer on the wall. Though it is efficient and food were served within minutes after we click the "CONFIRM" button, it does reduce a lot of interaction between the serving ones and the customers. It's just a weird feeling that I had at that particular moment. On the other hand, the food was great except the eel 'Unagi'. It tasted a bit different but not in a good way. There are no good quality Unagi nowadays as they are not from Japan anymore. Most stock were obtained from China as it is cheaper in cost. It was a major disappointment for me because I really like Unagi... not anymore though.

My cousin who went abroad to China to work, gave me a little present.

At first I thought that it was something for you to keep CDs in it, actually it is a handbag! It is really adorable with all it's comic strips! Man... I think I have too many bags already....

*YAWN* Au Revior people.......

*UPDATE: I finished Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows in 6 hours! Not my best record though. It was surprisingly good and definitely better than the last two books. I love the way it ends it as part of me wants him to die and another of me do not want him to perish. The ending has both!

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