Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Things Around Me

It is a fact that we always take things for granted. ALWAYS. Friends, family and the material things around you, whether you realize it or not, those are the things that are constantly taken for granted. And as for today, I felt awful and was filled with guilt because I have taken advantage of the One who cares and loves me the most, who has never complain about my faults, forgave me over and over again, who knows how to comfort me better than anyone else - GOD.

In this final examination, I ran out of time and had to cramp everything that I have learned for the past few months in just several days before the exam for each paper. Though this is only the third paper and in my heart, I know it is not going to get over that border line, I felt that the Lord have mercy on me. He had provided me situations beyond my imagination and I know this is definitely beyond the term LUCKY. Thanks and praise the Lord for what He has done and for being the Wonderful One who is our all inclusive replacement. Amen.

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