Sunday, May 27, 2007

Help Me

Computer + Internet = MAJOR DISTRACTION

I have really got to stop studying in front of the computer! However, I need the computer to study because all my lecture notes are all in soft copy. You may wonder, "why this girl don't even bother to print them out?" I might as well just blurt out some stupid excuses...

Excuse No. 1 - Printing in Uni is expensive
RM 0.10 per page, and there is more than two or three hundred pages of lecture notes plus assignments.

Excuse No. 2 - Waste My Printer's Ink
Ink cost a lot! Don't plan to spend my money on that!

Excuse No. 3 - Waste Paper
We need to be environmental-friendly by conserving paper and water. *smiling innocently*

Excuse No. 4 - Won't read it if I print it out
A bad/weird habit of mine, when I have the textbooks or lecture notes, I do not bother reading them. When I don't have it and HAVE to borrow, I will read it. Strange but True.

Excuse No. 5 - Actually No. 4 was the final one. Just felt like writing No. 5 to make it sounds nice.

Yes I know. I'm wasting your time and mine.


I really gotta get back to work. That's why I said in the beginning,
Computer + Internet = MAJOR DISTRACTION


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