Saturday, May 26, 2007

who would have thought...

never judge a book by its cover...

never judge a person by its appearance...

Yes, heard those phrases a million times and we can even memorize by heart. Yet, I never really had that kind of reality before.

Today, I decided to come back to my hometown for several reasons which I would not disclose. It's irrelevant. The bus that I used to take to go to Pudu did not show up, so I had to take another bus. However, the bus driver told me that this 2nd bus does not go to Pudu directly and he will drop me at an old bus station.

"Woah.... can I trust this guy? I don't even know where exactly he is going to drop me!"

I just went on the bus, paid the fare and pray a lot! I was uncertain with my decision at all. I sure felt better after prayer.

Later, when we reached to an old bus station, the bus driver was guiding me which bus to take to go to Pudu. I never really understood the Malay language spoken by the Malays. I just decipher the key points that he mentioned and off I go. Was still a bit unsure which bus to take, a Malay guy from the same bus I took earlier asked me whether I was going to Pudu. When I said yes, he just responded, "Ikut saya (Follow me)." Again, was feeling insecure at first, but he explained that Pudu is not far from there, where we could just reached there by foot. What a relief when we got to Pudu! He wasn't lying at all! I really appreciated his help.

I was really blessed that the Lord is watching over me in every step I take. Providing me with answers to my insecurities and doubts. Moreover, not all Malays and Indians are all that bad. Lesson learned! *peace*

Oh well.. gotta hit the books before I turn in.

P.S. I really gotta brush up on my Malay!!!

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