Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Midterm break - only one week of lecture-&-lecturer-free, but not assignment-free, SIGH! At least I get to return to my humble home in Penang, as I missed my Mum's cooking, the tender and warmth feeling of being home, sleeping on my own bed, having quality time with my parents and of course, I do miss a bit of nagging from home. :) Oh! I received two 'presents' during the break. Do you guys still remember the past Chinese New Year? When you all receive all your angpows? Well.. as you all might not know, I did not open my angpows during CNY as semester one starts a bit early. Sooo......*MONEY MONEY MONEY...... LOL!!!!!*

Where does the all the money go? Being an obedient *ahem* girl, most of the cash went to the bank *sniff... all gone*. Undoubtedly, I left some to spend! Hehhehe.... Now what can I buy? *thinking hard*

The second present I got is my hair! Yes you have read correctly, my H.A.I.R.! I finally got rid of my long hair, and the hairdresser gave it back to me... (don't ask my why) Maybe he wants me to regret for making this decision?
I don't know about that, but I can tell you that when my friends saw me with my new haircut, I get all sorts of responses. One of the most extreme feedback I received was.. *SCREAM* Yes! When the sisters saw me, they all screamed! And at very high pitch I must say. On the other hand, some say it looks cute, some prefer me with long hair, and some are just simply amused. Hehehe... I like it! Till next time, see ya!

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