Friday, March 02, 2007

The Superhero in Me

Well, since I have just started my classes, I have still plenty of time to fool around a bit, BUT not too much. Anyway, I was just browsing the net and I saw something that really caught my eye. It goes something like this, "Did you know that everyone has a superhero inside them?" It looks kind of fun so I decided to try it out. All you have to do is specify your name and gender, VIOLA~ the weird and funny superhero appears on the screen of your laptop. Since I'm in playful mood, I decided to try some of my friends' names to figure out their inner superheroes! And this is what I got....

Superhero Identity: Ice Fox
Secret Identity: Lim Mei How
Special Power: Kinetic Push
Transportation: Magnetic Minivan
Weapon: Graviton Whip
Costume: Silk Snow Suit
Sidekick: Jumpin' Jim
Nemesis: Marvin the Assassin
Tragic Flaw: Big nose
Favorite Food: Split Pea Soup
(WAHHHH.... I'm such a cute penguin!!!! BUT Split Pea Soup?????? EWWW...)

Superhero Identity: Light Gal
Secret Identity: Wee Sin Ling

Special Power: Psychotronic Breath
Transportation: Nuclear Jet
Weapon: Ice Whip
Costume: Alligator Booties
Sidekick: Dumbo
Nemesis: Tim the Black
Tragic Flaw: Addicted to email
Favorite Food: Chocolate

(Sin Ling - MISS LIBERTY!!! LOL)

Superhero Identity: Citronella
Secret Identity: Lee Soo Zhen
Special Power: Magnetic Push
Transportation: Nuclear Skateboard
Weapon: Neutron Blade
Costume: Kevlar Leotard
Sidekick: Samwise
Nemesis: Melvin the Puzzler
Tragic Flaw: Fear of heights
Favorite Food: French Fries
(Oh dear..! Soo Zhen GARANG!)

For you all who are intrigued or just bored-and-have-nothing-else-better-to-do, go try it out at Have fun!

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