Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Orange - You're OUT!


... please do not misunderstand. I'm not talking about mandarin oranges nor am I talking about Chinese New Year being over since yesterday. I, however, am talking concerning a shop outside our Malaysian Monash Campus.

Due to its interior paint of the building, all Monash students refer this by calling it either "the Orange Shop" or "Orange". It's very popular among the students and no, it is not because the food there is really good but it is one of the shops (Pink, Corner Shop and Medan) that is convenient for students to fill their empty stomachs. I for one, personally dislike the food in Orange. Therefore I try hard not to go too often. Now I do not even go there at all since the day I felt so rip off by one of stalls owners there. You can say the I am ANTI-Orange.

Today, after I had finished all my morning classes, I went to have lunch with my classmate. As we were walking out, we saw there were a large numbers of police officers, newspaper reporting teams (yes with video cameras) and lorries as well. Everyone was gathered there to check out what was going on. Being humans, we cannot help but to satisfy our curiosity. It turns out the most of the stall owners in Orange, it is they did not renew their food licenses or they did not have any license at all. Before our very eyes, we saw the stalls, one by one were pulled up to the lorry. I guess when I saw that incident, I was kind of glad that the police are STILL doing their jobs around here. Sure, we may have lost one shop to go to, but for me, I actually can't wait for something new. I really hope that someone will take up that shop and sell food that are better than before. And oh, I did not take any pictures as I thought that those people had suffered enough embarrassment for one day.

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