Sunday, June 12, 2005


Current mood: Moody

This afternoon, my mum and I planned to watch the latest film, 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' after our weekly church meeting. As we were driving down to Gurney Plaza, the Gurney Drive's roundabout is jammed with cars! We were wondering, "What is going on?" We were really stuck in the traffic because the cars in front were like driving so slow.. then I got so fed up, I tried another route to go to the main entrance of Gurney Plaza (the one facing the sea), it was also packed with cars! I was getting pretty impatient. I drove back to the other side of Gurney Plaza (facing one stop). I keep telling myself, 'Patient'. As we went further, I realised what the traffic jam was all about! The car park was fulled and the guard would not let any car enter unless there is another car that will come out of the car park. Then the rest of the cars behind just wait there to get in, causing a stupid jam at the back! It is really stupid! How can these people be so inconsiderate?! I had wasted time and petrol for nothing! My mum just told me to head back home. The only good thing I can say for now, is that I'm comfortably cool in my abode compared to the weather outside.

The lesson that I had learned today is, "NEVER EVER GO TO GURNEY DRIVE ON WEEKENDS!"

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