Saturday, June 25, 2005

My 'date' on Saturday!

I went out with my darling soo today! Our husband sin couldn't join us as she was busy with her personal stuff. Anyway, we went to Gurney to shop. And then, we walked passed a nail polish stall. Soo wanted to buy some nail polish. As we were browsing, the lady asked us whether we want our nails polish. Since we never had our nails done before, so we thought "why not?" However it was very expensive for ten fingers/per person. In the end, since both of us wanted to save a bit of money, we only got one of our hands done. Soo did her right hand while my nails were polished on the left hand. It was really fun choosing the colour and stickers. Well, this was a really good experience to me. It turns out quite nice actually, though we had to be careful when we washed our hands. Still it was pretty good :P

After we had our lunch, soo went to have her right ear pierced! Hahaha... She was really undecided, still in the end she went for it :P After piercing, the surrounding part of the ear was totally RED!! Though you can't really noticed it as she had a long silky black hair covering her ear. :) Later, we spent the rest of the day, browsing at earrings, necklaces and other accessories. To our own shock, we spent all the money we brought. NOT A SINGLE DIME WAS LEFT!!!! THAT's my FIRST RECORD OF USING UP ALL MY MONEY!!! If my mum knew, she would break my bones!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, it was a good day! I spent the day with my sweet darling, bought some girl stuff and had a wonderful time! The only downside is that the haze was terrible here! You can hardly see the view!! It was really really bad!

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