Thursday, June 09, 2005

very bored...

Life is so darn boring! Everyday going through the same old routine at the same time, at the same place with the same people.... Life sure needs some variety into it. Or else, it's like watching television reruns every single day. Like today for example, I woke up, went to college, studying chemistry for a test later, went for English, did not listen to her (as usual), had the test, flunk the test (for sure), had lunch with friends at Oriental and go for Maths. Typical lifestyle huh?
Right now, I'm sitting here in the library writing this, just to past the time to get to my next class, which is... (checking watch) still one hour and twenty minutes more. *sigh* They say, "Life is full of surprises", for me... I would say, "Life is full of surprises but it never comes whenever you need it!" But then again, it would not be a surprise anymore.. would it? So... how should I rephrase the whole thing.... Hmmm... (thinking really 'HARD') Maybe... "Life is full of surprises but when it never comes especially on BORING DAYS~" Hmmm.... does not seem to have the 'X' factor.. *sigh* whatever~ It's not important anyway. *Sigh*
Now I shall be leaving you all... while I go and play pool :P heeheh... like I said, life needs a bit of variety :P

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