Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blood Donation

It is a well known fact that blood is essential to every living organism. Blood is circultating everywhere in our body to transport required nutrients to our organs and released all the wastes that have been produced. Sometimes, when we accidentally cut ourselves, bright redish blood will slowy ooze out. To us, it just a little loss of blood. However, to some people in other parts of the world, one drop of blood is crutial.

I had my first experience of donating blood in a donation fund. I actually wanted to donate, it's because of my curiousity of what blood group am I in. Besides I thought to myself, it would be a great experience to see how the process goes.

In the very beginning, we, 'DONORS' or so the nurses and the people in charge called it, had to fill in our information and info about whether we had sex with single or multiple partners OR having sex with the SAME sex! Please, we are not that desperate! And MALE donors, well most of them, DO NOT read the form properly, they just fill in quickly. They end up answering the part STRICTLY for female donors which is about pregnancy and all that stuff! :)

Later, we had to take our forms and line up to find out what is our blood group. The nurse in charge, used some sort of needle and poked one of our fingers for it to bleed.It feels like big red ants had bitten your finger. Then they used something like a micropippete and sucked out some of our blood, and placed each drop of blood into three sections with indicators. This is to show what blood group are you in. After that, they will test your blood pressure.

Finally, you are asked to lie down on a bed, and they will inject your blood out with the most biggest and thickest needle I have ever seen! It hurts a bit but it doesn't last. I was given a sponge to squeeze my blood out. They took 300mL~! THAT IS LIKE HALF A BIG BOTTLE OF COKE!!! I'm amazed!

Sure, it's a good deed to help others who are in need. However It was a whole new experience for me! Through this donation, I can see that a lot of guys are afraid of blood... :P


  1. well, just so u noe, i noe of some ppl who got blood infected diseases or std (sexually transmitted diseases) through blood donation. Sure, it's always a good thing to help others, but our priority should always and foremost be to ourselves

  2. don't worry, I only did it for experience. No worries ok? or else you'll be seeing white hair coming out faster :P