Tuesday, May 03, 2005

one week relaxation.... 0V3r!!! :'(

Well, my one week break is up. No more watching television programmes whenever I like, no more playing the fool, no more extra sleeping.... SIGH......... today is the first day going back to college after the break. ESL class as boring as usual.. students doing last minute assignments which is due today :) Luckily I finished everything. There are only two major problems left to overcome, which are Physics Pres Battle and MidT2005 WAR. Man.. These two weeks I really have to buckle up.

Physics de Ooi shall be waiting on Friday for my team's presence. Knowing that he is waiting, this really pressures me so much. There is so many things need to be done but yet, there is so little time available. How could we face this Physics Pres Battle? Is it even possible to bring victory to it? I really do hope so as I gave a silent prayer....

MidT2005 War is also approaching with fast pace. None of us will be excluded from this War. Can we actually make through this alive? Only time will tell... In two weeks, I have to finish preparing myself for this war. That will be a challenge... BRING IT ON~~~!!!!!!!

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