Friday, March 25, 2005

A sad farewell to my dear 'husband'

Oh.. been so lazy that i forgot to update my life. :P I'm so free today is because Ms. Jenny gave us the time to search more information for our research study. However, we are not as innocent as it seems. hehehe..

22nd March 2005 (Tuesday)
Sin Ling will be leaving on the 23rd to SP to further her studies. Well.. it is a bit sad to see her leave because she is a good friend of mine during my college days. So I decided to organized a small surprise farewell for her. I even asked my Ms Lai to help me. Everything was planned prefectly the day before. I had nothing to worry about. Until...

The very next morning, when I woke up, I saw there was a unread message in my handphone. It was Ms Lai. She sent an sms to me to tell me that Sin Ling did not go to the botanical gardens for work because she injured her hand. My mind was racing fast. I was thinking, "what to do? what to do???" Time for plan B. Plan B was still under construction when I drove to college for ESL class. Finally I decided that if Sin Ling could not make it to the gardens, we will bring the gardens to her. I sms Ashveen and Shazwan to prepare for the picnic. And I sms Ms Lai to ask her to make sure that Sin Ling doesn't leave the house at all. After a while, Ms Lai called me to let me know that Sin Ling had already went to see a doctor. Bummer~!~!! Now WHAT TO DO????? OKOK... had to devise a Plan C FAST!!~ Oh.. the agony~!After a long hard-thinking ten minutes, Ms Lai called me, saying that she will able to bring Sin Ling to the gardens after the latter had seen the doctor. OH BLISS~~!! so happy~! So thankful to God that everything has finally fallen to place~!

It was a nice small picnic, I was glad that Sin Ling was enjoying herself. We snapped some pictures together. Of course, bullying Shankar was ESSENTIAL~! AHAHA... you should have seen the way he acted~!! After the small farewell, we went for short jungle trekking to the waterfall. The hill was really steep that we had to climb on all fours. No doubt that it was strenuous, but when we reached the waterfall, the view was magnificient. It was worth it to go through all that trouble and some termite bites (OUCH!!). Best of all, we get to spend some time together. However, the downside of this little outing is that, I had to suffer two days of aching legs. My legs still hurts pretty bad. Walking on flat ground is all right for me but climbing up and down the stairs, that's too unbearable for me! My friends said that I walked like a grandmother~!! Honestly, I felt like a grandmother~! Still.. it was fun and exciting~! I will definitely do it again~!

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