Friday, September 18, 2009

The Attack of Creativity

After graduation, I suddenly feel...... FREE.... free as a bird. I am free to do whatever I want... for now at least. Before I battle the issue of either furthering my studies or start working (actually, I am stalling >_<), I decided to embrace the artistic side of mine by doing some arts and craft. =P

I have seen many people who have hand-made their own jewelery, some even make a fortune out of them. I was definitely intrigued to try it out myself.
Sure enough, I was able to make a simple bracelet as well by using beads and wires. Not bad for the first try eh?

Besides the bracelet, I revamped a boring old puzzle box into something more presentable. You know, whenever a person receives a present, one's common reaction would be to guess what is in the box. One will tap, shake and listen to the present in order to figure out the contents. This idea was from an arts and craft book I bought the other day. Naturally, I tried to make my own "peekaboo" (as I like to call it) present box. And TADA~! What do you think?
On the side note, internet has been slow... I wonder why?


  1. Kimberly, good try.
    Really beautiful and artistic yeah!
    I agree with you, interest can turn business....why not!
    Nice revamp on the old puzzle box too:)
    Gosh the before and after do make a big different:)
    It's a good start.

  2. i thought you bought it..
    but you made it yourself!
    great! =)

  3. wow. me like the gift box~ very artistic! :D

  4. heyhey~! First of all, Nice name =)

    The bracelet is reli nice, I'll buy something like that if it fits my wrist LOL

    Small wrist of mine T.T

    I'm bad at crafts so GOOD for you! ^^