Saturday, October 04, 2008

Trading Places

SO... what do you guys think? How do you guys like the new look of my blog? TELL ME!

Well, as you all know, exams is just around the corner. I shall be putting my laptop in isolation... again. I told myself when my semester break ends, that's the time I will put away my laptop until the end of final examinations. Since I won't be writing, I decided to change the appearance of my blog. So... tomorrow will be the last day for me to mess around for this crucial period.

Oh! I forgot to tell you all, I'm moving! Yes, moving BUT not to a new place, just to a new room downstairs. Due to some arrangements, I am going to get a roommate! Therefore, I need a slightly bigger room. The thought of having a roommate does give me the feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. I always have my own room since I was young as I am the youngest and the only girl among my siblings. And even since I moved to Subang, I did had a roommate once when I was staying the sunway apartment hostel. To make the story short, I didn't like my roommate. Hence, when I moved to the sisters house, I asked for a single room. Now, the place is getting more crowded and I need to share room from the middle of October. Sure, it's hard to imagine what kind of characteristics my future roommate would possessed, but the experience itself is new and definitelyI will learn something out of it. On the bright side, my rent rate would be reduced into HALF!!!! Haha~!

Anyway, I'll stop here for now. Will write again tomorrow... if I have time. If not, this will be the last post until... I don't know... November? Most probably November. See ya!

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