Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Slothful Update

I'm just feeling so lazy to blog nowadays... actually just lazy to do anything at all. I'm just... sitting there... staring at my laptop.... hours after hours.... yeah, I know. It's not healthy. Anyway, just a very brief update on my very very short holiday.

Eat A LOT~! A lot as in until for a moment there I was afraid of good food.

Spend a lot of time meeting up with friends but always at the SAME place.
Love you, SIN and SOO. Can't wait to meet up with you guys again!

Went shopping with my Mum - She's on a mission to "feminine-ise" my wardrobe!

Read a spiritual book, entitled "CHARACTER".

Slept late - WEIRD for me because I sleep earlier in SJ.

Spoke to my two brothers - miss them.

So that wraps up my two weeks in Penang. I'm going to Sabah tomorrow! I am pretty excited and nervous about that. Classes starts next week!!! Where has all the time gone to?

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