Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nothing Important

After worrying about so many assignments to do and due next week, I'm so glad that I am now left with one final assignment, and that is SCI2010 literature review - 2500 words. And no, I haven't started with even a single word yet.

Besides being burying myself with assignments, a new sister moved in to our sisters' house in Sunway here. It's nice to have someone who is into the Art stream for a change. So far, we have Business, ACCA and Science students in this house. Now we have an Art student! Diversity :)

The other day, we went to Yogurt Berry for desserts as I have the 30% discount coupon which I got it from the MYC magazine. Let's just say that I won't go there again UNLESS there is 50% discount and UNLESS they make the so-called desserts sweeter! Quite disappointing for me... Maybe I expected too much... Anyways, thankfully for the 30% discount coupon, or else I'll be feeling cheated and complaining about it non-stop. Something like this (look down), cost RM10++! And that is after discount!

Lately, I find that I've been stuffing myself with sweets. I mean, I usually do that but just for the past few weeks, I've been doing more than usual. Hmmmm.... wonder why? Anyway, exams is FAST approaching and I haven't even flip a single page of any textbook. Sigh.... as you can see, I'm just rambling aimlessly... Probably out of sheer boredom. Anyhoo, good night!

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