Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eating Frenzy


KimberlyMay is back to her finest lair... and she is enjoying herself :D

Ever since I got home yesterday, my Mum has been stuffing food down my throat.. literally. Once I got down the bus at Sungai Nibong, we went to eat Ka Li Mee at Pulau Tikus. Quite spicy but still tasty~! And for dinner, she prepared 6 dishes of FOOD! Yeah.. My Mum tends to go full force whenever any of her children comes back for holiday. She likes to feed us. Hehe... So whenever we go home, we will gain a few pounds and that is unavoidable. She prepared curry chicken, Pang Kuang Char, Kor Kuar, Egg with Mushroom, Grilled Salmon and another one which I can't recall at the moment. I am still amazed that we were able to finish everything. I'll upload the pictures of the food when I get the chance.

Today, we had Jawa Mee and Lo Bak for lunch. Baskin Robbin Ice Cream during tea time. Japanese food for dinner. Wah... I always ended up eating a lot whenever I come home! It is really ridiculous when I think about it. Later gonna have dessert some more.... *grin* Yeah, I'm definitely gonna get fat this weekend and I really couldn't careless at the moment!! I know I will complain after a few days... hehe... My Mum is baking Rock Cake right NOW~!!!! So excited!!!!

Tomorrow I shall be going back to Subang Jaya, back to the life of a student. Well, you can't always have a good thing all the time. Gotta go back to reality and work. Just have to keep working harder from now on as final examinations are one month away. Pretty nervous when I think about it. Anyway, toodles. I'm going to spend some more time with my parents before I leave tomorrow.


Homecook FOOD
Dinner for Three


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Spider Roll

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