Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mid-Break is Almost Over

Crap... tomorrow is the last day of mid-semester break~! And I have only done so few items!!!! I can't believe it took me four days to finish the Pathology Assignment~!! Still, I was really happy when I finally finished it, was already getting sick of the Pathology books in my room. My room, huh... it is such a mess! My Mum would flipped if she was here.

1. Pathology Assignment
2. Pathology Report
3. Pathology Tutorial
4. Pharmacology Presentation
5. Pharmacology Tutorial
6. SCI Oral Presentation
7. Study for Recombinant Mini Test
8. Study for Pharmacology Mid Term Test

Hopefully I can finish the SCI oral presentation and pathology report by tomorrow or Monday. Monday... ohhh.. that reminds me, Recombinant Test~! Sigh... I haven't started reading anything on it yet...... This shows that I am still, after two whole years here in SJ, an amateur in TIME MANAGEMENT and ORGANIZATION. Pathetic, I know.
After tomorrow, it will be a brand new month already. Now I'm really scared of time, it flies by so freakishly fast, making me feel so old all a sudden. Anyway, enough chit chat for today. Will update again.... that is IF I am able to find time.

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