Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Start of Something That is Not New

Ahh... finals is over for the semester but then again, it is not literally over for me. Why? I'm going to tell you why. Though I try to be optimistic on every situation that occurs to me, I do tend to be very realistic about it. So here goes.. Out of the four papers, I think one or two papers are total goners. From the moment I step out of the examination hall, I said to myself, "I'm dead meat." Yes, we heard a thousand people exclaiming to the whole wide world that "It's over, I'm dead!" or "I'm sure gonna fail this!" but do they actually fail the paper - no they don't.

Anyway, after having a conversation on this with my mum, she said to me, "during your two weeks break, you better hit the books!" I guess I deserved it. I let the environment, the people & personal issues affect my concentration. Up till now, I still do not feel the importance of working my ass off to get a basic undergraduate degree. I do not feel it but I know it's crucial for the time to come. That's when my momma said, "Grow Up!" Yeah.. I know, I know. I'm thinking and acting like a little girl that everything is gonna be all right and everything is going to be okay. And the stupid thing is, I thought I had grown up. Apparently not by the looks of it.

It is the beginning of the mid-term holidays, I am slacking A LOT and I am studying a NANO-bit. It is a brand new day, I need to grasp every opportunity to make things better, not just for myself but also for someone Great. Adios~ Will update more soon *winks*

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